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Always Designing:  Jewelry - Websites - and Many Other Things!

Some think it strange that a person will get involved in many different areas of design. They say, "They're so different"! To me these areas aren't so different from one to the other.
It's design -- just looking at something from a different angle.

Fine Art Websites

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Alexandra Kopp
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Germaine B. Hughes

Carole's Jewelry Websites

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Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones with Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Metals

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Rose Gold Jewelry

Gemstones with Rose Gold Filled Metals

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Carole Novak Designs

Jewelry Designs Using a Variety of Metals

About Carole

Since her teen years, Carole has studied and worked in various design fields. In later years, she designed landscapes and gardens for almost twenty years in the Harford County, Maryland area. For ten years after that, Carole worked for a non-profit organization designing newsletters, websites, and advertising pieces. Carole has been designing gemstone bead jewelry since 2006. She is always looking for new gemstone beads and new and different methods of designing jewelry with them.

Latest Bracelet Design

Silver-Plate Bolo Bracelet with Dark Blue Riverstone and tiny crystal beads - 0706B - $42.00.

This bracelet style is available in many other colors and gemstones. Contact Carole for more info.

Customers Enjoy Working with Carole

Carole is so nice to work with. She helps me make my choices and will even work with me to design special jewelry just for me!

Ruth, Baltimore, MD

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